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Title: After the End
Note: This was written for </a></b></a>ladywilde80 for the Heroes Spring fic exchange, and I'm finally getting around to posting/reposting it myself. I've never done smut before, or written either pairing in this fic, I don't even ship Mohinder/Adam (I'm more Mylar and Syluke), but I tried my best here.
Characters/Pairings: Mohinder/Sylar, Mohinder/Adam
Rating: R/NC-17
Wordcount: 3482
Spoilers: AU after season 2 with Shanti Virus
Disclaimer: Heroes belongs to NBC

Summary: Sylar goes looking for Adam Monroe to wreak revenge for having leaked the virus, and finds a surprise.

Part 1: Sylar

Ninety three percent. All those innocent people. What a waste. Sylar knew it would surprise most people to learn he valued human life at all. Being a killer, people might assume that a tragedy like this wouldn’t affect him at all.

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I had an idea, and anyone can join in. Basically, a Round Robin fic where a writer starts a story and different writer writes the next chapter, and so on. So that, in the end, a bunch of different authors have contributed to the over all story. It will be slash, of course, and open to every pairing possible.

Basically, I wrote the first chapter of a story, and have no idea where to go from there, and it got me wondering where other people would take this, which lead me to consider how much fun a round robin could be.

The rules:

No writer can write more than 1 chapter in a row, in fact it's better if each writer sticks with one chapter.
No crack, because if one chapter is suddenly crack the tone of everything has been altered, and I'd like to see how we do at building a serious story.
Any rating, any pairing.
Keep it third person past tense, but each chapter can be from a different character's perspective or as distant or close as you want.

Chapter 1:
Hints of one sided Luke/Sylar

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So last night, after watching Heroes, I get a call from my friend, saying let’s hang out. I do to her dorm, and I’m like what should we do. We agree to get food, and I say, “lets get pie”. Now by this point it’s ten at night, so we agree the only course of action is to go to one of those all night diners. The only one we know of is way out on the outskirts of the city.

            My friend, Sue, says, “hey Ben lives out there.”

            To which I respond, “Let’s go kidnap him then and take him with us.”

            So we drive outside the city to where Ben lives, I call him, and say “come outside.” He does and I say, “get in the car”

            To which he responds, “can I put shoes on first.” So he goes inside and puts on shoes, and then he gets in the car and we go to a diner to get pie. Ben gets lemon flavored.

            So at about eleven we leave the diner, and there’s nothing to do. So someone suggests we should go on a road trip.

            “What now, where?” someone asks

            “Why not?”

So going nowhere in particular we head off down a back road and pick a destination off a sign, a tiny town in the middle of nowhere about a 100 miles out. So we’re driving at night through the desert, in the middle of nowhere, talking about serial killers and urban legends because driving down a dark road in the middle of nowhere requires that we discuss scary things.

            By the time we get to the town, we need gas. It’s one of those really old, really small towns, and it’s pitch-black as we drive down the road, looking for the gas station. We find a station, and there’s one loan pump. The driver gets out, and gets gas, while we discuss the legend of the man with the hook for a hand.

            We then drive back home, and I arrive at my dorm at an early hour of the morning, with no idea why we just did that. I love it though, because it’s the essence of being a college kid, just doing something for the sake of doing it, because you want to, because it doesn’t make a lick of sense.

Thoughts on Luke and Sylar

So here's a rave about my new OTP, or rather my new obsession. Luke/Sylar, from Heroes. I posted some of my thoughts over at the Sarmy forum, but here's some of those thoughts, plus more thoughts.

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Title: Listen
Pairing: Sylar/Luke kind of
Rating: PG
Word Count: 754
Spoilers: 3.15 'Trust and Blood.
Warnings: None
Summary: Drabble about Luke's feelings for Sylar and in general, it's not much

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Jack Harkness NOT a Slut

I previously posted this on my Y! gallery journal, but figured I'd repost it here since not everyone goes on Y!, can go on Y! or reads the journal entries. Its an art sight not a blog sight, so yeah. Oh in other news, total writers block as fas what should happen next in my fic. Anyway, feel free to check out the meta here.

Title: Bonds
Author: tea_42
Pairing: Jack/Ianto, Gwen is there, but mainly just to do stupid things, like hold a potentially dangerous alien object towards Ianto then point a gun at him
Summary: Without giving too much away. The team encounters an alien which leads to unforeseen complications for them all, especially Ianto.
Notes: First real Torchwood fanfic, and I've never done Live Journal for fanfiction before. I don't have a beta, would like to know how to get one, and how this works because I'm so clueless. I'm also dyslexic so yeah spelling and grammar are sometimes difficult, I do my best though. Oh and I would love comments.

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